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Become a Corporate Partner

PWN Paris is the first International Women Network opened to men promoting Women leadership and their influence in the economic world. As the historic City network, PWN Paris includes 700 French and international members and 150 volunteers. PWN Paris is open to men since June 2019, the year we also started the Young Club and the International Hub, which makes PWN Paris a unique cross-sector and cross-experience professional network. PWN Paris is a member of PWN Global, an international network with presence in more than 30 countries and over 4,000 members. 


Our missions are: 

  1. To contribute in Women professional development and leadership 
  2. To work for a better balance between Women and Men in management and Executive committees
  3. To be a change actor and inspire society and institutions. 



If you are willing to advance gender balance in your company, we are here to guide and support you and the decision makers in your organisation. We can offer tailored opportunities to:

  • Develop Women Executives in your company, through workshops and mentoring
  • Network at prestigious events with high-level professionals, leaders, and role models
  • Make your gender balance actions more visible to your internal and external stakeholders
  • Start or develop your internal Women network. 



We offer different partnership packages, to set a first discussion to know more about our offer and discuss your needs, please reach out to Sylvie Migdal, VP Partnerships.


Sue Berry, Orange


Teddy Dewitte, FOX Gestion d'actifs


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