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Where do I get information about upcoming events?


You can find the calendar under Events 

If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you also receive information about our events each friday. To subscribe : enter your email address at the end of the page.

Follow up on Social Media : Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest informations.


How do I join an event?


You must register to the workshops and events through Events.

Most events and workshops are dedicated to PWN members.

To subscribe to the membership, you can find all details here.

To register from your computer or your mobile, make sure you are logged in.


How can PWN help my career?


PWN has been created specifically to further women’s & allies’ career development.

Surround yourself with successful members ready to help you thrive, learn and network with workshops, mentoring and events, experiment leadership & communication skills through volunteering.


Why should I join PWN?


PWN will not only help you develop your skills, it is also a network where you will create lifelong relationships.

Beyond career, PWN help women & allies replenish and find their balance during transition periods (motherhood, career moves, switching careers, relocation,...)