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Develop your talents

Develop focuses on the professional development of women and allies, at all stages of their career, whatever their level of responsibility and challenges.


There are 2 main programs :

  • EMPOWERMENT provides inspiring interactive workshops and events run by experts and coachs 

  • MENTORING pairs mentors and mentees through different modalities to further the development of mentees. 



Empowerment has been created to help women, individually or through their organisation to :

  • develop their skills,

  • drive their career,

  • grow their network,

  • help self and others thrive in a diverse environment.


Please find below our recently held workshops:

  • Leadership

           Influence & Success in Complex Organisations

        - Dare to be Bold

  • Career Development

        - Stay at the Helm of your Ambitions

  • Self Confidence

        - Discover and Make Friend with your Inner Saboteur

  • Career Power Move

  • Understanding Diversity, Gender Balance, Stereotypes,...

       - Gender Equality in your Company

On top of developing skills, all workshops and events are designed to build relationships with like-minded women and allies’ who are exactly where you are in their journey.

Mentoring: Reinvent yourself ! 


One programme – multitude of matching criteria

  • Career & Leadership (“classic “mentoring)
  • Transition
  • Reverse mentoring (i.e. digital)
  • Engaging men : inclusive mentoring (excl. PWN)

  • International career (Eng.)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Management skills




A fabulous success each year!

  • 43 pairs : 86 mentors and mentees
  • Nov – July : 7 months
  • Mentor/Mentee monthly meetings, events and webinars over the 7 month period