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PWN Paris Congress 2020

(Version française ici)

The 23rd edition of PWN Paris Annual Congress was held on Wednesday October 7, on the following theme:

"Talents and gender balance,

let's build the world of tomorrow!"

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High profile representatives of institutions, business leaders, experts debated the role of gender balance in education, in the research of talents, in career management and in governance. 

An inspiring day of panels and workshops to discuss about opportunities for building a more balanced society.

Event held in French. 

Contact :   Christina Balanos, VP Network -





Panel discussions:

  • Gender balance and education: how to change the impact of family and school education to promote the development a non-gendered orientation?
  • Gender balance and the hunt for talents: will the new skills and types of management that will be sought promote the development of gender balance?
  • Gender balance and career management: what concrete actions will companies have to put in place to develop the skills of talents while ensuring parity at all stages of professional life, particularly in terms of continuing training, parenting management, organization of work?
  • Beyond gender balance, dare the governance of the future 



  • Guest of honour for introduction Isabelle Florennes - Deputy of Hauts-de-Seine (4th district), Member of the Law Committee, Secretary of the French National Assembly Delegation for Women's Rights, Spokesperson of MoDem and Apparentés
  • Marta Encinas-Martin - Counsellor and Education Gender Ambassador at OECD Education & Skills Directorate
  • Edouard Geffray - Master of requests to the Council of State, Director General of School Education at the Ministry of National Education and Youth
  • Françoise Vouillot - Researcher specializing in gender issues and educational and vocational guidance, ex-member of High Equality Council for women and men
  • Dominique Fougerat - Executive Vice President HR at Axway
  • Sandrine Rampont - CEO at Matière Bleue, administrator at Choosemycompany, author of the book ‘Parfois ingérables, toujours brillants’ (Eyrolles)
  • Patrick Scharnitzky - Associate Director at AlterNego,  Expert in Inclusion and Psychosocial Mechanisms 
  • Cécile Bernheim - Advisory Board member, Past President of PWN Paris, President of S2E Partners
  • Corinne Albert - CEO at Art.Lux and Founder of Mom-to-Mom
  • Elizabeth Imm - Analytics Engagement Owner, Customer Influence team, at SAP in Paris; Global Performance Organization, Intelligent Enterprise Group; Global Analytics Lead, SAP Business Women's Network, lead BWN France 
  • Ines Khedhir - Director Executive MBA, Executive Masters and Open programmes at ESCP Business School
  • Véronique Torner - CEO and co-founder of alter way, Member of the Executive committee and Administrator in charge of the "Numérique Responsable"  program at Syntec Numérique, CEO at Open CIO Summit, Member of the Scientific Council SIF
  • Nathalie Brunelle : Project Director at Total@Saclay, President at TWICE Network, Administrator at EPC Groupe, at CityTaps and at ENSTA
  • Guest of honour for conclusion - Bernard Michel, CEO at VIPARIS, PWN Paris Advisory Board member


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PWN Paris 2020 co-Présidentes, Vice-Présidentesmodératrices and co-leads :

  • Françoise Derolez : co-President PWN Paris
  • Marie-Laëtitia Gourdin : co-President PWN Paris
  • Christina Balanos : VP Network PWN Paris, co-lead and moderator of panel discussions congress 2020 PWN Paris, CEO Clap Com'
  • Isabelle Lange : VP Inspire PWN Paris, moderator of a panel discussion at congress 2020, GM at motion waves SAS, Administrator at Enertime, Business Angel & advisory board for start ups, co-author of 'Guide 2018 de l'administrateur(e) au féminin' 
  • Corinne Bérenguer : Co-lead congress 2020 PWN Paris, independant Administrator, VP small business company (Healthcare),          lecturer at Master X-HEC Entrepreneurs 

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Workshop sessions led by:

  • Kadia Moisson : Development Consultant Africa, Executive Search at Grant Alexander
  • Alban Azzopardi :  Managing Director Grant Alexander Executive Interim, Transition  Management Consultant 
  • Grant Alexander : HR Executive consulting agency helping companies in their recruitment and development of leadership
  • Laurence Constant : Professional Coach and practitioner in neurocognitive and behavioral approach - PWN Paris Share team
  • Isabelle Daviaud : Executive Coach - PWN Paris Develop team
  • Romaine Johnstone : PWN Paris VP DEVELOP - Founder and MD, Johnstone Business Coaching
  • Stéphanie Talleux : Executive Coach, author, keynote speaker  - PWN Paris Develop team
  • Amel Kefif : Partnership development, executive directory, program and event coordinator expert                                 Ex Minister's chief of staff

Click on the picture to know more about workshops leads - Click here for workshops details

Additional volunteers and teams of PWN Paris also contributing to the success of 2020 congress:

Marie Skawinski, Anna Zgadzaj, Adeline Bonnet, Deborah Goyi, Odile Dussaucy, Béatrice Lissague, Sonia Laurent Bost, Katia Horeau, Delphine Brière, Fadwa Bourimech, Carole Cabrit, Karine Tarsitano