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Corinne Albert, CEO Art.Lux and Founder of Mom to Mom

Corinne Albert, CEO Art.Lux and Founder of Mom to Mom

I really enjoy being an active member of PWN Paris since I joined in 2013. I love this great local, international, inter-professional and inter-generational business network of working women, open in 2019 to men who share our values. To feel good and part of this network I recommend to be involved in one or more of the groups. Myself, I was first part of the Think Tank team « Women&Money », I also helped occasionally the Congress team and the Events team, only then, knowing the network well, I was elected member of the Board as Vice President in charge of Events & Network.

It is time now to leave the board and involve myself in lighter and more specific projects for the network. I did spend some time, yes, many nights on top of my job, but always with the support of my dear volunteers, as well as Carole Cabrit and Karine Tarsitano, our super staff. We did our best to set up these great events for all, had fun getting together, became friends and supported each other in times of pressure. I thank Francoise, Cécile, our co-presidents at the time, and the board for their support and trust, giving us the opportunity to develop creative projects and new ideas for our members, such as :

  • Producing the documentary film « Women and Money, parlons cartes sur table ! » you can see on Youtube
  • Setting up our Congress 2018 « Lead your Life! », and 2019 « Talent, Value Yours! » at l’Hôtel de l’Industrie
  • Our monthly « Speaker’s Dinner » with fabulous guests from the top business and start up worlds
  • The « Christmas Parties » at Baccarat Showroom and at La Grande Épicerie-Le Rive Droite
  • Our « Galette des Reines » at Kenzo and « Galette-Artshows » at St Germain des près
  • The « Women’s Night » at the British Embassy and la Mairie du 17è,
  • The « Spring Cocktail » at Le Printemps Gourmet terrasse and the « Garden Parties » at Le Stade Français
  • Launching our « City tour trips » to Vienna-Austria, Nice-Monaco-Antibes, Bucarest-Roumania, with PWN City networks' Sisters help, and planning more for the coming year to Italy, Spain, Denmark…
  • Putting together the « Photo Sessions-Fais toi tirer le portrait!» at le Le Printemps de la Femme

and so many other events in partnership with Burberry, Hugo Boss, Diane Von Furstenberg, Louboutin, La Manufacture...

WHAT PWN PROVIDES ME WITH: I encourage you to join PWN if you want to develop your career, to change jobs, find clients, be a mentee or a mentor, to mix with other cultures, to meet and listen to role models, to share with younger our experienced members, to develop your talents, to feel better, to relocate well, to make new friends .. I found here women and men who share my values. I was able to learn from others, share with them my expertise, exchange contacts, make business.

This big melting pot is « what you want it to become » - you have an idea, you find partners, you present it to the board and go go go, try it! PWN Paris is a permanent laboratory, so be audacious.

My advice to newcomers is to be present, give yourself time, accept the differences among the members, listen and share. To feel the benefits of this network you should invest some of your time, and give little or more to it...

As a member I am pleased to share my story with others, to support women in the business field, to inform my daughters for their future careers. I understand that I can be an « ambassadrice » of PWN at my level in my own ecosystem, we can all have some influence around us. Together we do feel stronger, more confident and we can make things evolve.

MY ADVICE FOR WOMEN: Today things for women have started to change, a little, yes, but we must all and especially young women, managers, be aware that we must not give up, and we do have to be careful. We will be facing big challenges in the future with climat, religion, politics, digital, AI …and our girls must be informed, speak up and ask, family and work is a challenge, we must also take care of all the elder women who will face economical difficulties, being unemployed with no or little revenues. Family structure is changing and we lack more and more comfort and stability to educate our kids and look after our parents. So we need to work, to earn money, to support one another, to have ambition, to share our values. Money is key, passion is important and ambition is a positive attitude, we must think big, « bigger », trust ourselves and support other women in France and abroad.

MY CAREER: I was born in France, raised in New York and Paris, after my studies at ESCP Business School and Beaux Arts de Paris, I started my career in Marketing with P&G, then worked for l’Oréal Luxe where I launched Paloma Picasso Fragrances, after Chanel Group hired me as Global Marketing Director for Beauty and the Jewellery division launch. Than I left for Asia, coping with the double career dilemma, worked in the Luxury Retail and Trading business in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing, I had 3 babies.. my son was born in HK. Back in France I was given my first position as Managing Director of the Home division at Hermès Group, then at Guerlain LVMH Group, and at the Lido de Paris Sodexo Prestige Group. I faced power and politics, developed my leadership, travelled a lot, loved it all. After years, It was a real challenge to find the good balance with my family, when the opportunity came I jumped into the entrepreneurial world, setting up my company ArtLux a design agency, I felt free of my time and action. I love to be my own boss with a small and agile team.

On the side I want now to support young and older women and men to cope with Family & Parentality matter at work, this is why I started Mom to Mom project and will share more with you soon. Girls should be proud and confident to have babies, they should avoid waiting too long, be aware of their body cycle, they should be celebrated, promoted and their salaries should be increased when they return from maternity leave. Young men should also be more and more free to take paternity leave without shame and feel it is normal as in Sweden. Managers and HR need tools and informations to facilitate family at work needs, I want to work for this! If you're interested, contact me.


Leisure activity : I am an amateur artist, I paint and sculpte in stone, wood, iron and clay.

Corinne Albert 0607839058

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