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Featured Member: Athenais de Lime

Featured Member: Athenais de Lime


My story and my career path...

French, I grew up in Paris, where I studied Management and Marketing at Dauphine Paris University and IAE of Aix en Provence.

I have worked for more than 10 years in the digital industry (online marketing & communications), both as an employee and freelance, for very large companies such as BNP Paribas, SNCF, as well as smaller ones. I have also lived in China for 4 years, where I managed and developed concept stores in Shanghai.

I did not decide to launch my business from scratch. It's been a long time I had been thinking about it, preparing the right timing and the good idea.

I have been riding my bike in Shanghai and Paris for years.... without a helmet !

In 2017 in Paris, I was riding my bike with my 18 months old boy and I would meet the same man every morning. After 4 days, the man told me: "I'm a fireman and the helmet DOES make a huge difference." Then, progressively, I would instinctively take my bike helmet on every single ride.

In December the same year, I was offered a luminous bike helmet that changed my life and made me feel much safer.

Every day at red lights, people would tell me: "Your helmet is fantastic ! It's amazing how much we can see you ! Where can we buy it?"

A few months later, I was riding my bike in a Parisian street, with many double-raked cars. I was using my helmet turn lights: Left, Right, Left, Right to indicate where I was going. At this point, a moto-biker overtook me and slowed down telling me: "I LOVE your turn lights ! I wish I had the same on my motorbike helmet."

At this specific moment, I realised I wanted to have more cyclists and quick-scooters users wear luminous helmets, to have them feel much safer days & nights and ride their bikes more often.

At this time, I was an independent consultant; It was working pretty well, but I felt I needed something else. Being freelance, helped me launch my 1st company (auto-entrepreneur) and my 2nd when I was above the upper limit of auto-entrepreneur. I was working with my business coach, Pauline Charneau, author of the book "Libérez votre grand Moi" (Free your great Myself"). I was hesitating whether to launch a business or get back to an employee job. It took me 6 months to decide and feel confident that I could do it, and overcome the impostor syndrome.

After convincing my supplier to follow me, I joined les Prem1ères Parisian incubator in March 2019 for a 6 months program.

My involvement in PWN Paris...

I joined PWN when I got fired after the birth of my third kid. My boss changed when I was in maternity leave. I felt that I could have done differently if I had been coached or mentored on how to manage the transition.

I first joined the "Women in transition" workshops; It helped me move forward and I discovered personal development. It helped me a lot to exchange openly with ladies of all generations, and understand how to find my professional/personal balance. Then I joined the Entrepreneur Club, as well as the monthly professional development workshops, organised by Romaine Johnstone.

I deeply recommend the monthly entrepreneur breakfast. It's a fantastic way to exchange with other entrepreneurs, to get advice, to step back and go back to main priorities. When weeks are tough, beginning with the Monday morning PWN Paris Entrepreneur Club, gives me a new impetus.

Last year I was also part the mentoring program: reverse mentoring and career & leadership mentoring. My mentor, Kerstin Leibold, has been an amazing support while I was negotiating with my supplier. And I did help her too.

I first discovered PWN at Elle Active Forum. I have been a member of PWN for the past 3 years and definitely, PWN is a cornerstone in my entrepreneur move.

My advice for women...

I advise every woman to take the time for personal development, business networks and get inspired by amazing speakers. It really helps moving forwards, building other relationships in order to create one's own professional life, adapted to what everyone wants.

If you're thinking of creating your business, do not stay alone, but discuss it. It's a great way to keep moving. Share your idea; It will help you find fantastic partners, great advisors.

Thank you PWN for your amazing support and the way you make changes for gender balance.

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