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Sylvie TOURNIER/ 席乐薇
March 27, 2021
Report on March 8th PWN Summit-Celebrating Inspirational Women

Report on March 8th PWN Summit-Celebrating Inspirational Women

19 PWN City Networks collaborated to bring together 600 women and men from around the world to hear a dozen inspiring speakers in a Celebration of Inspirational Women. The panel of speakers exemplified the diversity of ways to be leaders in promoting women’s rights and being change makers: politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, luxury, finance, tech industries, individual.

Olivier Campenon, CEO Lefebvre Sarrut and PWN Paris Advisory Board Member

"More women in leadership will immediately lead to more inclusion and diversity"

Roberta Metsola, Vice President European Parliament

"What was once an exception should become the rule. Yes, the climb is steeper, yes women have to work harder, but we can do it. Be whoever you want to be but make the path a bit easier for those who come after."

Margareth Henriquez, President & CEO Maison Krug Champagne

"Success comes when you do what you love and you try to do it better every day. Leading is about giving and constantly finding reasons to be grateful. That's what makes you stronger."

Otilia Ciotau, Adviser to MD & CFO World Bank & first Romanian who climbed the Everest

"Life is a climb. Accept fear as part of your journey. If you find something that is bigger than you, train obsessively & are stubborn enough to stand pain, the super you woman will emerge and you can do anything"

Mircea Geoana, Deputy Secretary General NATO

"We should and will continue to make sure that women are given STEM education and a better change from young ages, and we should promote them much more energetically towards fulfilling jobs of the future."

Francesca De Gino, Professor Harvard Business School & Author of Rebel Talent. "Rebels are individuals who create positive change. There are people who innovate and they come up with creative ideas. There are people who do not sit with the status quo, but push the boundaries to create something new and better" Which kind of Rebel are you? Find out

Attendees were also able to meet at virtual tables to engage in networking and discussions around topics such as Bias or meet with PWN Paris members.

This was also a fantastic opportunity for collaboration among PWN city networks, creating and strengthening ties that will surely lead to future collaborative efforts.

“It was so inspiring yesterday at PWN summit to listen to all those speakers, promoting and empowering women. Most were female, naturally, but we also had a few men who showed deep commitment and concern for their colleagues, employees, wives and/or daughters. I keep from the summit that success is not only about individual performance but about collaboration of diverse backgrounds, mindsets, genders etc. This leads to increased creativity and innovation. I also noted that leadership, resilience, and authentic relationships across all levels of an organization are key success factors. Finally, women should never give up their dearest dreams, even if they are really bold. Accept that opposition from some and fear are parts of the journey. Happy women’s day!

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