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Welcome to Hortense Faisandel PWN Paris Develop new Vice President

Holding a degree in engineering, I have worked as project manager in various technical fields, including tech (network & software development), both in France and Canada.While mixity is...

28 March 2021

Report on March 8th PWN Summit-Celebrating Inspirational Women

19 PWN City Networks collaborated to bring together 600 women and men from around the world to hear a dozen inspiring speakers in a Celebration of Inspirational Women. The panel of speakers...

Sylvie Tournier/ 席乐薇
27 March 2021

Unleash Your Talents : “Zoom” on your public speaking skills!

#Develop - Unleash Your Talents workshop on Thursday, 18th June 2020.This workshop brought together about ten participants, who began by sharing a photo illustrating how they feel when they speak...

22 June 2020

Unleash Your Talents: Discover and Make Friends with Your Inner Saboteur

For those who missed this fabulous workshop here are the highlights from “Discover and Make Friends with Your Inner Saboteur” brought to us by Lydia Haferburg on February 25th, 2020 at the INCWe...

3 March 2020

Gérez des situations difficiles, complexes et inconnues ...

... avec l'Intelligence AdaptativeNous avons introduit l’atelier "Unleash Your Talents" du 28 janvier dernier en jouant au « jeu du changement ».Ce jeu permet de vivre en situation à quel point le...

2 February 2020
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