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Report on March 8th PWN Summit-Celebrating Inspirational Women

19 PWN City Networks collaborated to bring together 600 women and men from around the world to hear a dozen inspiring speakers in a Celebration of Inspirational Women. The panel of speakers...

Sylvie TOURNIER/ 席乐薇
27 March 2021

SHE Conference 2021

For three years in a row, PWN Norway has been partnering with SHE Community, an organization behind the SHE Conference - Europe's largest gender diversity conference.This year, PWN Norway's team...

5 March 2021

#GirlsInAI2021 global Hackathon

REJOIGNEZ LE HACKATHON #GirlsInAI2021 FR EN LIGNE DU 6 AU 14 MARS 2021L'inscription est ouverte aux 12 à 18 ans - participation GRATUITE, inscription avant le 6 mars.Pour célébrer la Journée...

4 March 2021

Making the case for women in times of crisis

A virtual round table - Monday 8 March 2021 from 13:00 to 14:15When it comes to top management positions in 2021, two figures jump out: women occupy only 21% of these roles, and secondly, they...

1 March 2021