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Report on March 8th PWN Summit-Celebrating Inspirational Women

19 PWN City Networks collaborated to bring together 600 women and men from around the world to hear a dozen inspiring speakers in a Celebration of Inspirational Women. The panel of speakers...

Sylvie Tournier/ 席乐薇
27 March 2021

How Can I Be a more Inclusive Leader?

Inclusive leadership appears as the unique capability to help manage and adapt to diverse clients, markets, ideas, and of course talent. It requires demonstrating additional traits beyond the...

16 December 2020

International Inspirational Talk

On September 17 The PWN International Hub hosted the first International Inspirational Talk in the elegant setting of Le Sénat restaurant.The special guest speakers, Chloé Clair, Chief Technical...

24 September 2020

International Hub Wine Tasting for a Taste of the World

On February 4, 2020, Emilie Berquez, founder of Vino Social Club and PWN Paris member, led participants in a wonderful wine tasting experience.Sitting around tables in small groups, on comfortable...

8 February 2020
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